1. Toprock (BBoy/Breaking) - Week 2

    Jan 13 2014 7:26 am

    Read for some more Toprock?

    Here's BBoy B-Yu breaking down some classic foundation moves. The ones you want to focus on are the kick-step and the hip twists.

    Next up we got kick-outs AKA rock-step, a relatively easy but funky step. He then adds in a nice little slide-step which is reminiscent of a Boogaloo roll from Popping. Finally he adds a spin into the mix. You will notice how very simple variations will really increase the style and funkiness of your Toprock.



  2. Today we'll reveal one of our secret lines. This line is one you can use as a fallback when you have nothing else that's witty to say, at least you'll still look cocky and funny. Don't over use it or it will lose its charm.

    This is called the "You only" line, it follows this formula: "You only (some negative statement she just said) because (some cocky statement of yours)". Then keep on amping the sexual tension.

    It's as simple as that! There's no need to be extremely clever nor elaborate, keep your game simple...


  3. Ventriloquist Pickup

    Jan 11 2014 2:11 am

    While you guys are on hold waiting for more material and improvements to the website and app check this guy out.

    Learn from him, use what you're good at to your advantage and set yourself apart from everyone else.


  4. First things first, it is NOT called Breakdancing! This was a term coined by the media - the correct term is Breaking or B-Boying (a BBoy is someone that Breaks).

    Now that we've got that out of the way, there are 4 elements to Breaking - Toprock, Footwork, Power Moves & Freezes. I thought about covering all the elements in a month but the style of Breaking is way too complex, so I will cover each element over a month. To Break effectively you need to be able to do all four elements. One exception is a Style BBoy who doesn't do power moves and focuses mainly on style....


  5. Now is when it gets really PRO.

    Not many Shufflers spin, and the ones that do rarely do it at the right moments. A perfectly timed spin to the beat of the music looks insane. Spins are not easy though, they take a lot of practice. They should look smooth, effortless and be quick (especially if dancing to a higher-BPM music genre).

    Here are some basics. Take it away BigMilan:

    Like most moves, you want to practice them slowly making sure you've got the technique down first. Drill them slowly for a whil...


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